About Us

Beast11, a platform which gives fantasy players a unique approach to the fantasy sports and helping them in becoming the ultimate champion of the indian fantasy sports.

Here users take control of their teams, first by creating a team then managing it until the match starts. Once the match started user can sit back and watch the match with greater exitement than ever. Every time a ball is bowled or batsman shoots the ball in the air, as the ball goes higher in the air so does users exitement. Here at Beast11 we are constantly and progressivly trying to keep our users exitement at the peak so that the users will get more involved in the sports more than ever.

Exitement does not just end here, along with all this fun users can win real money based on the performace of the players that the users have selected to be in their team. And thats not it, users can create multiple teams and manage their teams according to the need for the bigger winnings, its just like the saying "Do more to get more".

So here we are welcoming you to embark upon this Beast where we will make sure that you will be left no short of fun, exitement and winnings.